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Movi Pro Mimic Controller
Movi Pro Cage

Mimic Remote The included Mimic remote means that you can control the MōVI with actual movements rather than a joystick or thumb controller.

FreeFly Logo
Movi Pro Logo

The MōVI Pro is an evolution of the Freefly gimbal system for larger cinema cameras and upgrade to the MōVI M10 and M15 gimbals. 


What’s new? Re-built from the ground up (or the sky down?) the Movi Pro is Freefly’s latest, flagship 3-axis camera gimbal system with a new emphasis on speed, ease of use, and versatility.

Get Shooting Faster The MōVI Pro boasts a 2 second boot time and a 10 second autotune wait that can all you to get up and running, or walking, or skipping while you shoot even faster.

Ring Around the MōVI The MōVI Pro comes with a ring, rather than handlebars like the previous generation to maximize the amount of grab-able surfaces on the MōVI, making it perfect for passing the rig off to another operator mid-shot. There’s also a built-in stand now, so when you need a rest, it’s easy as just setting the unit down.

RCP Support The MōVI Pro offers support to control camera settings on RED cinema cameras when you use the RCP cable. Utilizing the REDLINK Command Protocol, you can control a host of settings that include ISO, frame rate, shutter and recording start/stop.

Hot Swappable Batteries The MōVI Pro is powered by a pair of hot swappable, intelligent batteries. Allow me to re-phrase that, the MōVI Pro, the camera, and all of accessories you may add are powered by a pair of hot swappable batteries.


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